Payment Updates

In an effort to improve efficiency, we are changing our payments system. This change will only affect your payments if you pay with a credit card. You will now be able to make the credit card payment directly from the invoice we send you once the shipping is calculated, simply by clicking on the “Pay Invoice ” link. This eliminates the need for you to call us with your credit card, and the need for us to keep credit cards on file. We also now will be able to accept all major credit cards (VISA, MC, Amex, and Discover.) Payments made via e-transfer or Paypal will remain the same for now.
In an effort to keep our costs down, we encourage customers to use e-transfers whenever possible. Credit Card orders over $250.00, will now be subject to an additional fee of 3% due to rising merchant credit card fees.
What’s on sale

30% off:
Wild Honeysuckle FO
Seaweed FO
Red Serge for Men FO
Rosemary & Mint FO
Pink Sugar (Aquolina) Type FO
Lavender Twilight FO
Fruitada Fiesta FO
Enchanted Woods FO
Clementine FO
Coconut Caribe FO

20% off:
Banana LBF
Chocolate LBF
Unscented Bath & Shower Gel
Burdock Root Powder
Comfrey Root Powder
Witch Hazel Powder
Chromium Green Oxide Powdered Pigment
Red Oxide Powdered Pigment
Loofah Slices
Ground Pumice
Sale Prices in effect until June 30, 2017

New Fragrance Oil – Baby Bee Buttermilk (Type) FO
A delicate blend of buttermilk and honey with delicate notes of vanilla, peach, violet and sugar. Great for baby soaps and skin care products. Adults will love it too! Ask for a free sample with your next order.

New All Natural FO – Desert Spa

The smoky, ashy quality of native Guiaicwood is infused with French sage leaf, hybrid bergamot, black chamomile and Bulgarian lavender, creating an alluring, luxurious impression. Ask for a free sample with your next order!

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We have had so many requests for dropper style bottles – we are now carrying 3 sizes of dropper bottles (30ml-50ml-100ml).  These amber glass bottles are equipped with glass  droppers and polypropylene caps.  If you would like any of your FO or EOs packaged in these – please just mention it in your order or add to the comments section on-line. Or you can buy them separately here. Prices are:

$2.00/30 ml dropper bottle
$2.50/50ml dropper bottle
$3.00/100 ml dropper bottle

Also new in stock:  1.5 oz. HDPE Plastic bottles – natural colour with brown caps – great for lotions, samples, carrier oils.

Two new FOs are on their way:

Sedona Spa All- Natural Fragrance Oil
Baby Bee Buttermilk (Type) Fragrance Oil
Just ask for a sample with your next order.

The following items are on sale
until April 30.

40% off:

Castille Liquid Soap Base
Cucumber Powder
Kelp Powder
Witch Hazel Powder
Dead Sea Mineral Salts
Vegetable Glycerine
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Coconut (Virgin Unrefined) Oil

30% off

Almond FO
Wild Honeysuckle FO
Sangria FO
Angelsong FO
Yuzu Japanese FO
Rosemary & Mint FO
Apple Jack & Peel FO
Stress Relief FO
Bayberry FO
Baby Powder FO