What’s on Sale for October/November 2018



All Books

Lip Balm Pots

Green HDPE Bottles

Round Hinged Sample Containers


50% off:

5” Loofahs

Loofah Fibres

Cranberry Seeds

Raspberry Seeds

Strawberry Seeds

Ground Pumice

Vanilla Bean Seeds

Rhassoul Clay



40% off:

Yuzu Japanese FO

Ocean Rain FO FO

White Flowers FO

Very Sexy (for Women) VS type FO

The Beach FO

Ramblin’ Rose FO

Stress Relief FO

Nag Champa FO

Snowdrop FO

Rich Citrus Cream FO


30 % off :

Pearberry FO

Sea Spice FO

Wine & Flowers FO

Plums & Spice FO

       Off the Wall FP                      

Rosemary & Mint FO      

             Newly Mown Hay FO

Merry Berry FO

     Neroli FO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

20% OFF:

Banana LBF

Chocolate LBF

Cranberry – Chocolate LBF

Honeysuckle-Nectarine LBF

Pecan Pie A-N LBF

Pink Sugar Almond LBF

Watermelon LBF

Pina Colada LBF

Aloe Vera Powder

Cucumber Powder

Kelp Powder

Lemon Balm Powder



The discounts will not show on the web site – but will be calculated on your final invoice before payment is made.  Sale prices are in effect until midnight Friday Nov. 30/18, while supplies last.