Orders submitted or paid for after today(Jan. 20/20) will not be processed or shipped until Feb 12!


What’s next ?

As of January 1, 2020, K&W Specialties will no longer be operating as a business.

We do however have inventory that we would like to get rid of so we are keeping the web site and email going for an undetermined time period.

As of January 1/20 – all items remaining in inventory and not previously marked-down, will be reduced to 50%.  Sale prices on items prior to Jan 1 remain in effect.  Orders can be placed through the web store or via email – but must be paid for by e-transfer,  PayPal or cheque only (local pick up orders can pay with cash).  Credit card payment is no longer available.  Please note that there are absolutely no returns, refunds or exchanges – any damages with shipping are your assumed risk as we can no longer insure shipping.  We will make every effort to protect your package – however will not be responsible for any breakage, loss or damage.

We have had a lot of customers ask us for the name(s) of our suppliers for various products and we have decided to make this available to you at a nominal cost.  For each product you would like the supplier info for – the charge is $50.00 up to a maximum of 5 products ($250.00).  If you want more than 5 – the cost would be negotiable.  Please contact us if this is something that interests you.

Having said this – most (but not all) of the suppliers we use are manufacturers that will only sell in large amounts (ie: 12 litres of a fragrance oil) or have very high minimum orders ($750.00.) Also it is an industry that has seen tremendous changes in the last 10 years, with fragrance companies acquiring each other, and a lot of new regulatory laws, so there are no guarantees that the exact oil you bought from us is still even available, or has the same formulation.  If this is the case we will let you know before you buy the information from us.

Our phone line will be closed sometime in January so email is the best way to communicate. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

It has been my pleasure getting to know all of you and helping with your soap-making needs over the past 9 years! Wish you all the best of luck with your soap businesses, projects, and hobbies.


More specials: 50% off the following products while supplies last:

Summer Fruit Fusion All Natural FO

Crisp Green Apple FO

Wine & Flowers FO

Very Sexy for Women (type) FO

Aloe Fresh FO

Maritime Garden FO

Athabaska Falls FO

Bayberry FO

Midnight Gardenia FO

Coconut Caribe FO

Sweet Pea FO

Cool Cucumber Mint FO

Daydreams FO

Morning Coffee FO

Pear-a-dice FO

Evening Breeze FO

Sweet Violets FO

Pineapple FO

Red Serge for Men FO

Sangria FO

Forget-me-not FO

Fresh Linen FO

Rich Citrus Cream FO

Grapefruit-Ginger FO

Lavender Lace FO

Balsam (Peru) EO

Ginger EO

Hyssop EO

Lime EO

Lemon EO

Lemon 5 Fold EO

All Lip Balm Flavours

Discounts will not show up on the web site when you order but will be adjusted on your final invoice before payment.


More Sales:

25 % off:

Whitener for Vanilla FO

Jasmine Garden FO

Mistletoe Kiss FO

Neroli FO

Pink Sugar FO

Quietude FO

Fruitada Fiesta FO

Asian Green Tea FO

Black Raspberry Vanilla FO

Calypso Spice FO

Damask Rose FO

All- Natural Desert Spa FO

Love spell FO

Mango Tango FO

Mediterranean Fig FO

Plums & Spice FO

30 % off:

Bergamot EO

Cinnamon Leaf EO

Eucalyptus EO

Key Lime EO

Patchouli EO

Fractionated Coconut OIL

Sweet Almond Oil

Avocado Oil

Citric Acid

Aloe Vera Gel

Vegetable Glycerine

All Colourants; dyes, pigments, micas, liquids, powders

40% off:

Bath & Shower Gel

Liquid Soap

Conditioner Base

Dead Sea Mineral Salt

Zinc Oxide


                             50% off:

Coconut -Lime Verbena FO

Asian Spice All Natural FO

Maple LBF

Cherries LBF

Blueberry LBF

Banana LBF

Kiwi Kick FO

Lime Margarita FO

Merry Berry FO

Peach Premium FO

Red Currant FO

The Beach FO

Rich Citrus Cream FO

Sea Spice FO

Green Bamboo FO

White Flowers FO

Enchanted Woods FO

Aloha Tiara FO

Christmas Tree FO

First Snow FO

More discounts – 40% off:

Coconut Oil 5L
Palm Oil 5L
Neem Oil
Cocoa Butter
Shea Butter
Emu Oil
Wheat germ Oil
Vitamin E oil
Mango Butter
Powdered Pigments (1 lb. quantities only)
All Herbs, Dried Flowers,Botanicals, Clays, and Exfoliants

No photo description available.

The following Essential Oils are 50% off while supplies last:

Bay Laurel
Ylang ylang

Rose Geranium
Pine Needle
Oakmoss Absolute
Litsea Cubeba
Ginger Fresh
Clove Bud
Carrot Seed

The discount will show up on your final invoice before payment is made – quantities are limited – don’t wait too long!

30% off the following Fragrance /Essential Oils while quantities last:

Pumpkin Pie FO

Vanilla White Satin FO

Vanilla Satin FO

Whitener for Vanilla FO

Anise EO

Anise Star EO

Myrtle EO

Nutmeg EO

Basil EO

Aloha Tiare FO

The Beach FO

Red Currant FO

Off-the-WALL FO

Ocean Rain FO

Pearberry FO


The following Fragrance Oils are on sale for 60% off the regular price while quantities last:

Apple Orchard

Black Tea

Wild Watermelon


Yuzu Japanese

Angel Song

This price will not show up on online orders but will be adjusted on your final invoice before your payment is made.


All moulds currently in stock are $3.00 each – this price will not show up on online orders but will be adjusted on your final invoice before your payment is made.



As many of you know I have been in the process of trying to sell K&W Specialties for the last year or so.  This is just to let you know that K&W Specialties will be closing at the end of 2019, if I have not been able to sell the business by then. K&W has been a successful small home-based business, for 22 years, and I have run it for the last 9 years and am ready to retire.

In preparation for the sale or closing of the business, we will not be reordering most products once our current supply has sold (except for certain exceptions, which will be addressed below).

We may be able to special order certain products for you after our supply runs out – but these will likely have to be in large amounts and will need to be pre-paid.  As far as FOs and EOs go, there would be a minimum order of 4 litres, and there would have to be enough other interest in that product for us to special order for you. We encourage you to let us know ASAP if there is a product you may be interested in special ordering.

We appreciate all the customer loyalty over the years that we have been in business, and this is a decision that has not been taken lightly. We know how important it is to have a stable supply of your best-selling FO’s for your businesses, and for this reason are giving you a generous advance notice of the closing/sale.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions or concerns.



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